A lot of time is usually spent in the office. Employees work as teams or individuals and clients are also received.

Office partitions make an office space more organized and make it possible to divide different departments for more functional and comfortable working environment.

Timber and PVC remain some of the most common and popular choices for office partitions, but glass office partitions have also garnered a lot of attention due to the elegance look of glass.

glass wall partitions

Glass Is Beautiful but Delicate

Glass is a great material for enhancing the beauty of interiors when used for partitioning. Its use is increasing. There can be no argument that glass is beautiful to look at.

It is easy to clean and hygienic when used as a partitioning material. However, glass partitions are delicate and can break easily if not well maintained.

Hence, glass partition walls have to be handled with a lot of care. Here are some tips on maintaining glass office partitions.

Keep Sharp and Heavy Objects Away

Glass is a fragile material. Even if your office has toughened and thick glass office partitions, they still can’t be taken for granted that they can’t break. You should ensure that sharp objects do not come into contact with the glass walls.

Sharp materials can scratch the glass, making it less elegant. When moving objects, ensure they don’t come into contact with the glass walls to avoid scratching them. You should also avoid leaning heavy objects on the glass walls as they can break the walls.

As an individual, you should also avoid leaning on glass walls. There is a limit on how much weight glass can handle. Hence, it is better to avoid leaning objects on glass walls.



Avoid Moving Trolleys around Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are often used in offices for thermal insulation and to offer privacy to employees. However, you need to protect them from damage to ensure they offer these benefits for a long time.

Hence, you should avoid moving wheeled trolleys into the office. Trolleys are convenient for carrying snacks for employees and visitors, but they can break your glass office walls in case they hit them hard.

Keep the Glass Walls Clean

Glass panels are not cheap. Hence, if you want to invest in glass partitions, ensure you will be ready to keep them looking elegant. Cleaning glass partitions regularly will ensure that they remain beautiful and sparkling clean for a long time.



It is regular cleaning that will get rid of dust and dirt that accumulates over a glass surface. This will assist in keeping glass partitions looking new and extend their life. If they are not cleaned regularly, they will stop letting a lot of light into the office space.

You should avoid cleaning glass partitions using abrasive clothes. You should use a damp cotton cloth when cleaning glass partitions.

If these advice and tips are kept in mind, you will always have glass office partitions that look as good as new, and they will offer you their functions for a long time without damage.