Winters are just around the corner and we assume that you are preparing your home to deal with the cold. Are you done with adding insulation to your home, ensuring that the humidifier is in working properly and sealing all the vents, drafts and ducts?

If yes, then you might be feeling pretty good about the preparations you have done. But didn’t you forget something?

We bet that you forgot to ensure that your windows are working fine too and they will prevent you from the cold. If so, here’s how to get started:


  • Check for Leaks

The first step should be to ensure that the panels of your double hung windows are properly sealed. They must not be loose from anywhere as it can let unwanted air into the house and make your heaters worthless.

If there is a leak then you have two options, either to repair the windows or to replace them. In case the repairs are minor, you can do them yourself but if the repairs are costly, it would be better to call in the experts.

  • Enjoy the Sunshine

If you wish to enjoy the winter sun then we recommend that you open the double hung windows during the day time and soak up the sun rays. You can seal them tight at nighttime for security and prevention from the cold.

Another option is to open the window partially and enjoying the sun while ensuring that a lot of cold air doesn’t get into your home during the day.


  • Add Covers

In cases where the double hung windows you have installed need major repairs and you can’t afford them right now, a smart idea would be to add a clear plastic film to them from the inside.

It will not only prevent the cold air to enter your house without invitation, it will increase your sense of privacy too as they can be dark. If you do like to gaze outside during day time, you can install a plastic film that is nearly invisible.

If you are thinking of investing in a new double hung window for the cold season, we suggest that you invest in windows that have energy efficient glass and are built with the help of aluminum panes as they don’t break easily and hence would last for many years’ even decades if you maintain them properly.